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The Chicago Bears came into the season believing they were ready to start returning the favor after taking their lumps in recent years.The gut punch they absorbed in last week's primetime opener? That's one they didn't envision.The Bears will be back under the lights again Womens Taylor Gabriel Jersey , looking to pick themselves up against Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night in a matchup between teams that blew fourth-quarter leads last week.With four straight last-place finishes in the NFC North but a surge in optimism following a busy offseason, the Bears seemed poised to knock off Green Bay at Lambeau Field, only to lose 24-23 to their rivals. Newcomer Khalil Mack led a dominant defense as the Bears built a 20-0 lead. But a hobbled Aaron Rodgers threw three touchdown passes in the second half to spoil Matt Nagy's debut as Chicago's coach."That kind of makes it tougher, too, because you know how much you put into it and how close you came," guard Kyle Long said. "It was in reach, well within reach. But at the end of the day, you've got to move on."The same goes for Seattle, a 27-24 loser at Denver last week. The Seahawks grabbed a four-point lead early in the fourth quarter, gave up a touchdown on the Broncos' next drive and gained 3 yards in their final three possessions."It was really an enormous missed opportunity for us to do something special and get that win," coach Pete Carroll said.Here are some things to know as the Bears and Seahawks eye their first wins:NEW ADDITIONMack makes his first appearance at Soldier Field as a member of the Bears. And if he performs the way he did last week, Chicago will certainly take it.The two-time All-Pro came through with a strip-sack that led to a turnover and a 27-yard interception return for a touchdown against backup quarterback DeShone Kizer. He also had pressure in the backfield on the play when Rodgers injured his left knee.This will be the second game for Mack at Soldier Field. With the Raiders in October 2015, he sacked Jay Cutler on the final drive. But Robbie Gould kicked a 49-yard field goal in the closing seconds to give the Bears a 22-20 victory over the Raiders and their first win under former coach John Fox.SAFETY VALVEDoug Baldwin has been the player Wilson has looked to for help in key situations throughout their careers together. Baldwin is expected to miss at least a couple of weeks after suffering an MCL injury in his right knee in the opener. Wilson must find another go-to option in the passing game.It could be veteran Brandon Marshall, who caught three passes including a touchdown in the opener . It could be Tyler Lockett, who also had a touchdown catch against the Broncos. Or it could be rookie tight end Will Dissly, who had three catches for 105 yards and a touchdown in the opener."It's hard to tackle a guy that weighs 270 pounds running down the field. Big catches too, good tough catches," Carroll said of Dissly. "He showed us that he's got really good hands."BEHIND CENTERBears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky had a shaky opener.The No. 2 overall draft pick last year, he missed a throw on a fade pattern to a wide-open Allen Robinson in the end zone and was too quick to scramble rather than stay in the pocket at times. He also couldn't move the Bears past midfield, let alone into field goal range, in the closing minutes after Green Bay scored the go-ahead touchdown.Trubisky finished 23 of 35 for 171 yards and a 77.2 passer rating.SACK ATTACKSeattle gave up six sacks in the opener, but at least half of those could be blamed on Wilson not trusting his protection and running into trouble. It made for a challenging game to assess the performance of an offensive line that has regularly been an issue the past few seasons.Carroll said he was mostly pleased with the protections, but knows the challenge doesn't get any easier going from Denver's pass rush led by Von Miller to Chicago's rush now led by Mack.SECOND IMPRESSIONNagy acknowledged he needs to improve on his first game as a head coach. He second-guessed his own play calls, most notably two ill-advised screen passes, and acknowledged he is still growing into the role. Nagy replaced the fired Fox after spending a decade working under Andy Reid in Philadelphia and Kansas City."I wasn't in my exact rhythm that I could have been in," he said. "There's different reasons for that. For me, I just feel like that's my job. I've got to do that. I've got to be better." Here is part 2 of the rookie quarterly report. As was the case with part 1, I have posted a copy of the transcript as well. Enjoy!This is....The Bears Link Film Study with Andrew Link.In this episode, which is the 2nd of 2 parts, I am going to take a look at how the Bears rookies have performed through the first quarter of the season. The first player we are going to talk about is what will hopefully be the highest Bears draft pick for a while, inside linebacker Roquan SmithA lot of people have wondered how well Smith is actually playing, due to the fact that he isn’t making a ton of “splash” plays. While that is true , he isn’t making those types of plays...yet, he is making a tremendous impact on the game. Smith reminds me a lot of Eddie Jackson from last year. He’s been more physical than I thought at times, but also getting overpowered at others, which I expected. The speed and instincts are on full display but generally are a hair late. The type of thing that comes with experience and becoming a professional. I will touch on his struggles, really just physical limitations that we already knew about, and the reasons why I believe Smith has a chance to supplant Luke Kuechly as the new premier inside linebacker in the NFC.There aren’t a lot of examples of Smith playing poorly, and really, all but one are him just getting physically overpowered. Which was something that I was worried about when he was drafted. Rarely do you see Smith out of position, so his limitations right now are things that he can change by getting stronger and using techniques.The Bears are playing a cover-3 look on this play. But they show a cover-2 look at the snap of the ball, but watch the safeties rotate. Adrian Amos drops into a single-high look, while Eddie Jackson comes down into the intermediate zone. The 2 inside linebackers (Smith and Danny Trevathan), plus nickel corner Bryce Callahan and Jackson, play quarters at the sticks, meaning each player gets a quarter of the field. Let’s start with the positives on this play. The Bears force a check down to the running back David Johnson in the left flat. This play should have forced a 3rd & 5 as the Bears have 3 players in position to make the tackle. Roquan Smith comes from a LONG ways a way to get in position here. This shows off his sideline-to-sideline speed, but he needs to play more in-control of that speed. Instead of slowing down to contain Johnson from cutting back inside, and forcing him into the waiting arms of Jackson and Trevthan, he goes for the kill and ends up overrunning the play, which gets Johnson and extra 10-12 yards and a first down.This is one of the more egregious things that I see Smith do right now is overrun things. The game is still a little quick for him, but that will work itself out as the season goes along. Where Smith has really succeeded has been in coverage, which is one of the reasons why people don’t see the huge plays from him. Instead of making a ton of plays, he simply prevents the other team from making them, which is just as valuable. Against the run is where he struggles but it’s also where we see his instincts and athleticism shine the most. It is a joy to watch a linebacker read, diagnose, scrape, and make a play against the run. If Smith can continue to work in the film room and build a mental library, he will continue to grow and succeed. This is a modern version of the toss sweep. Arizona show misdirection (to freeze the linebackers) by putting Christian Kirk in a jet sweep motion to left. The left tackle pulls around the outside, a combination of tight end and wide receiver have to block Khalil Mack, and the center is supposed to get out on the MIKE linebacker, Roquan Smith in this case.But when you see an offensive lineman doing his best mummy impression, you know that the defender won with play recognition and speed. Smith eventually undercuts the pulling tackle and makes the play. Defense is all about the team though. Mack almost blows this play up in the backfield, but he gets hooked a bit and can’t get off the blocks in time. But watch Kyle Fuller. He takes out the pulling tackle, which causes a pileup that running back Chase Edmunds is forced to cut inside of. Funnel the ball carrier to your inside help Authentic Jordan Howard Jersey , that’s good football. Sticking with the instincts and athleticism theme, this is a prime example of both, while also showing his coverage ability. Circling back to why Smith is playing well by taking plays away instead of making plays. Ask yourself this: How many tight ends or running backs have you seen kill the Bears this year? Yeah, it really hasn’t happened and 2 main reasons for that are Leonard Floyd and Roquan Smith. The Bears again show a cover-2 look but back out of that into a cover-1. Eddie Jackson rotates to the single-high safety look and Amos comes down to play man coverage on the tight end. The inside linebackers are playing the curl zones. Bradford’s only option was to dump the ball off the running back on this play. Smith breaks on this ball as soon as Bradford looks towards Johnson. The closing speed is incredible. Smith closes the 5-yard gap by the time the ball gets there and this play ends up going for a loss of 3 yards. This is the type of play that will eventually go as a pick-6 as Smith digests more film. One more play to illustrate just how good Smith is in coverage. These are the plays that you can’t see on the television broadcast, the angle simply isn’t there. There are dozens of these kinds of plays on Smith’s film, he is just so good in coverage. This isn’t a huge shock to me as he showed this ability at Georgia, but to see it immediately against NFL competition is pretty amazing. The Bears are actually playing cover-2 this time, so this should look somewhat familiar, except the Bears rotate Fuller to safety and Amos to the MIKE. How cool is this coverage that Fangio runs here? He disguises the cover-2 inside of the cover-2....mind. blown. What else might not look familiar, however, is how well Smith plays this coverage. Smith is playing the WILL on this play, meaning that he has the Lance Briggs spot playing the curl/seam. Crossing routes can often confuse players is a zone. But Smith passes off Larry Fitzgerald and picks up David Johnson on a quick out and through the scramble drill. This is an excellent play by a linebacker and another example of why Smith is an integral part of this defense, even if he doesn’t have big numbers or splash plays. He is doing the dirty work very well, but the big plays are coming, you can take that to the bank!As a bonus, I wanted to look at undrafted rookie cornerback Kevin Toliver. I thought he was playing well while watching live and the tape mostly backs that up. Sure, double moves have gotten him a few times, but they do to all young corners. But he’s physical against the run and does very well in off-man coverage, which he’s played exclusively so far. I gotta say, Toliver reminds me a ton of Kyle Fuller. From the physicality in the running game, to the penchant for playing off-man coverage, to they way that they get into position is almost identical. At some point, the Bears are going to need to shed some of the high-priced players on defense. If Toliver can grow into the role opposite of Fuller and allow the Bears to part ways with Prince Amukamara, that would be a huge help to the salary cap. Ryan Pace has done an excellent job with undrafted free agents, and Toliver looks like the next hit. Just watch how both Toliver and Fuller line up here. Don’t they look like twins? They even give up the same amount of cushion at the top of their routes. Through a game and a half, Toliver has gotten his feet wet, but it looks like Prince is ready to come back on the field. He is going to need a little more time to become the player that many thought he could be coming out of LSU, but for now, that seasoning will come in practice. I can’t wait to see what Toliver can turn into. He is exciting to watch and I would love to have another corner like Fuller on the field. Just watch him stick his nose in there and tell me he doesn’t play like Fuller!That’s going to wrap it up for part 2 of the Quarterly Rookie Report on the Bears Link Film Study. I have some fun topics planned for future episodes, so stay tuned for those.Until next time....Bear down!As always, feel free to share your thought below!

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