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She thought that she had become a recognized problem girl. She loves to go to class and does not study hard in class. She does not like to recite the cumbersome knowledge points in the textbooks Cigarettes Online. She is fascinated with reading literary books, and even can't help but secretly watch classes. In the minds of teachers who are pursuing test scores, she is incorrigible. I don't know when I started, she always felt optimistic, and she always felt a little sorrow on her face. The students always ask in confusion: Why don't you laugh? If you don't laugh, we are not used to it! Since then, she has learned to cover up her own sorrow, laughing and laughing in front of her classmates, only silently when she is alone. Even she herself felt that she was hypocritical. Who knows where the sorrow comes from? But it lingers in her heart, like a storm Marlboro Gold, screaming down, soaking the body, chilling invading every pore. She will be sad when she sees the change of the world; she will also be sad when she sees the season change. She actually learned to hurt the spring and fall, she thought, I was really unreasonable. But one day, the problem girl accidentally saw Napoleon��s famous saying, ��Do everything you can, this is human; do everything you want to do, this is God.�� This sentence caused her how much touch! Do what you want to do is God! She suddenly thinks: Is there a literary dream in her heart? So she accumulated a pocket money to buy a book, borrowed books from all directions, and made a mad reading; I am thinking about completing my dreams. Of course, there are other people's doubts and ridicule. They said, how can you contribute to such a bad article? Don't dream, it is definitely impossible to be a writer! Hearing these words, she secretly cried and wanted to give up. But when she thinks about her dreams, she will cheer up and study hard. She knows: rich connotations, profound knowledge, must be a must for a writer. In this way, day after day, year after year, a year of glory, two years have passed. When the teacher first read her article in class, she was so happy that she had to go crazy and worked so hard for a long time. She finally saw the dawn of hope. She turned this happiness into motivation, did not relax, continued to study hard, writing, someone asked her, how did you write such an article? Is there any secret? She smiled lightly and said that I was never the material of writing. I just cried, worked hard, failed, but never gave up, so I was getting closer and closer to success. In fact Carton Of Cigarettes, whoever is born is a genius. Even if it is a genius, it needs to work hard. Otherwise, it will not be successful. However, the problem girl will never be sad again, she already knows what she should do.
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