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nconsciously. Recen
It is already spring, but the weather is hot and cold. Above the sky, the catkins fly. The sky fluttering seems to be helplessly declared: Spring is about to go, I want to marry her, let her stop because of my retention. "Haize, the soul is lost again. The teacher is talking about the topic, but my heart has flown out of the window, and I have lost my mind unconsciously. Recently, I have always been thinking about my mind and my academic performance has begun to decline. The class is always distracted, and the teacher has never heard anything. Sometimes I just fell asleep on the table. I used these to send boring time and emptiness. When I was in class, I just woke up and turned out the lighter to find out what I was carrying Marlboro Cigarettes. Cigarettes, one person could not go to the toilet for a moment, suddenly the class bell rang. I rushed to the classroom and wanted to sit in front of the teacher, because I didn��t want the teacher to know that I was so decadent and degenerate Marlboro Lights. But I was still a teacher standing on the podium. I rushed to the seat with my scalp, and my ass was still not stable. I was called by the teacher. "Haize, come over! I know that the teacher has already discovered it, but this time I was not nervous, or I was looking at it. I did not care to walk to the teacher and bowed my head to wait for punishment. "Haize took a moment, the teacher finally slowly said: "What happened to you recently? It��s not like distracting or just sleeping, sometimes it��s not like you? And now I still smoke, it is not that I don��t say a word, just silently nod, admit. "Don't think that you don't care about anything, but your family still cares. Think about the people around you, how should they look at you..." The teacher's voice seemed a little sad, and it was a little uncomfortable. There was silence in the classroom. I glimpsed the teacher from the scattered hair, and the teacher said nothing Newport Cigarettes, his face was dignified, his face was sad, and the students looked down and thought. I looked at my feet, and the new Nike sneakers were mailed back to the parents who worked far in the South. At this moment, it was speechless. Suddenly my heart began to get upset. Yes, I don��t care what I am, but what about my family and friends? The teacher��s words touched my heart, I am too selfish! At the same time that I gave up on myself, I made my parents hurt me. Tears slipped silently. Outside the window, the catkins still dance with the wind, not tired. This spring is going so fast! The end of spring is caught, shouldn't it be late? I think so, I don��t feel secretly determined.
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