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Knocking on the words
Knocking on the words "seeking", it seems as if a child is looking at the shell on the beach with a bamboo basket, a small figure, leaving a faint shadow in the sunset, lonely, but persistent. We are always looking for, looking for the most true self in the heart - the question (1)The friend hurried to tell me that my favorite teacher went back to school Marlboro Gold, at the school playground. At this point, all the reason has collapsed, and then dropped the pen, running to the playground in the evening, the afterglow is sprinkling golden light. My mood is so complicated that I can't describe it in words. Only one belief has always been firm �C no matter how long, I must find her. This thought is whispering, whispering, soft in my heart, but in my heart, I am rushing around in the circle of the crimson track, looking at the moving feet, repeatedly searching between heaven and earth, but never seeing it. When the familiar figure was geometric, I sat in her classroom and looked at her loving face and was delighted. Today, we have not seen each other for more than half a year. I don't know if I will see you this time, and when will the meeting be held. Where did she go? No matter where I am, I have to find her. I am kneeling on the side of the road, hands on my knees, and gasping for a big mouth. I looked at the sky and the sky was gradually faded away, listening to the sharp whistles of the curls urged me to go back. I looked desperately at the dim daylight, but in the end I made up my mind to reluctantly turn back to the playground again. I felt that I had lost my mind at that time. Maybe it would be useless to stop me. I only have one idea. , find her, even if I only see a crowd has dispersed, only hurriedly walked and I walked back to the classroom in the opposite direction. The noisy playground was quiet Online Cigarettes, and soon it was empty. I looked up and looked around helplessly, just like a child lost his beloved toy - I was almost anxious to cry out, because after we didn't see it back to the classroom, the class teacher was stunned. Ask me where I went. I bowed my head and said nothing but whispered that I was looking for something very important. He looked at my lost appearance and in turn comforted me: "It's okay, I can't find it." I nod, but with deep helplessness, the fate of this kind of thing can be met, but even if it is not found At least I have searched for it. I followed my heart and looked for it. No matter what the outcome, there will be no regrets. (Two Magnolia is a strange flower, in the early season, first flowering, then long leaves, regardless of the doubts of others, from the enchantment, from the fragrance. However, when I want to find the depths of my own in many In the eyes of the people, I am a well-behaved girl. Although I don��t know how to talk sweetly, but I am always admired, I always listen to every adult��s words with a respectful attitude. However, my heart is my own dream, I want to break. "Knowledge" shackles, to find their own world. I hope that I am a lazy girl, do not use so much sleep in exchange for the poor score on the test paper; I hope that I am a very embarrassing child Newport Cigarettes Coupons, occasionally lazy I don't go to the playground for running and gatherings; I hope that there will be no tuition classes during the holidays, there is a ticket, there is a trip, take me to a distant place. I don't want to be free and easy to care about other people's opinions. After all, I am obedient. Live for me, and that little rebellious me is to live for myself. However, it is easy to do this. After a little overdue, it becomes a bad child. I am looking for With the fulcrum of bad balance, I am looking for the light that belongs to me on the ivory tower. I opened the falling "Yinhua is invalid letter", I looked at Guo Jingming's "Little Times", I am looking for me in the youth of the book's protagonist My own youth. If I can, I also want to talk about a passionate love. But I hope that the actor and the heroine will have a fairytale perfect ending. want to be a good boy who is ordinary and bad. There are so many frivolous and unruly, playing their own movements. I don't like the juveniles who are arrogant and arrogant. I don't like the look of a woman who is weak and weak, but she has searched countless times and lost her way countless times. Youth is just passing by in search. Once, I struggled to bring my imaginary self to life, and I met Andersen in my dreams, took my hand and brought me back to the world of fantasy. I searched between reality and fantasy, the most suitable for survival. Come down yourself. Looking for ����, ���� looking for me is always a lonely boat in the sea, floating and sinking, looking for his position in the darkness, youth is still going on, and the search is still going on. Maybe one day, when I am old, sitting in the rocking chair of my oh, I remember the past. At that time, I have seen the red dust returning to the truth, I can be willful, and I have already found the truest self.
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