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Johnny Hekker Jersey - linchao - 04-30-2019

The Eagles had long ago proven they can win games with Nick Foles. The biggest games Joe Namath Color Rush Jersey , even.But this season looked like too much of a mess for any one player to fix.Instead, Foles led the Eagles to a 30-23 win over the Rams on the road, the kind of steady performance which makes them glad they have him in reserve.The win moves the Eagles to 7-7, and within a half game of the final wild card spot in the NFC, and gets them back on the kind of footing that makes them think they ought to win games.It would be unfair to Carson Wentz to suggest his absence has anything to do with it. It’s just the presence that Foles carries into the huddle is tangible, the kind of thing that coming off the bench to lead a Super Bowl run buys him.Foles’ numbers Sunday were only OK (24-of-31 for 270 yards and an interception), but they didn’t seem as twitchy as they’ve been this season. The Rams turned a 17-point fourth quarter deficit into a one-score game late. But instead of hacking up a 17-point lead like they did against the Panthers earlier this year, the Eagles dove on a聽fumble by Rams punt returner JoJo Natson, and were able to play enough defense to hang on.That has nothing in particular to do with Foles, but the 2018 Eagles were largely known for the plays that went the wrong way at the wrong time. That might eventually be the epitaph on their season.But for a night, Foles was back, and so was the sense they could win games like this.Here are five more things we learned during Sunday Night Football:1. It’s probably too soon to panic (Narrator voice: That’s not true. It’s never too soon to panic).But there’s something amiss with quarterback Jared Goff lately, something that all the clever play-calls in the world can’t fix.He was 35-of-54 for 339 yards with two interceptions. That’s after a clean 37-of-77 for 387 yards, a touchdown and five picks in his two previous games, against the Lions and the Bears.His third-quarter fumble/interception/Garo Yepremian combo platter was one of the worst individual plays you’ll see made this year, the kind of breakdown that will be talked about for years (just ask Mark Sanchez). That can work on a players’ confidence, and Goff has gone from beating the Chiefs in a 54-51 shootout to inconsistent in a hurry, with no reasonable explanation.There were open receivers in the fourth quarter he simply missed, the kind of passes you can’t pin on injuries to Cooper Kupp or the weather in Chicago. He’s simply not playing well right now. With Todd Gurley in and out of the game with a knee issue, and other injuries thinning the Rams out, they can’t afford for Goff to be anything but his best. And over the last three weeks, he hasn’t been.2. There was no bigger beneficiary of the return of Foles than wide receiver Alshon Jeffery.The veteran wideout finished with eight catches for 160 yards Rodger Saffold Color Rush Jersey , and聽had four catches for 87 yards in the first half alone.If he’d have stopped at 30 minutes, he wouldn’t have had that kind of game since Week Seven, when he had 88 yards against the Panthers. And he didn’t top 50 yards in a game in any of the games since then.It may not have been specific to Foles, but he hadn’t made plays with this kind of regularity this year.3. The Rams weren’t going to be able to clinch a bye in the NFC playoffs anyway, once the Bears beat the Packers earlier in the day.But you’d be worried about whether they were going to, at least until you look at their remaining schedule.The Rams close the season with a trip to Arizona and a home game against San Francisco. And while anything can happen, and the other team practices too, and blah blah blah blah blah, if the Rams lose either of those two, they have problems bigger than playoff seeding.4. It’s not as if Fletcher Cox is going broke or anything.But the Eagles’ inside rusher was playing as if he had a point to prove against the Rams better-publicized defensive tackles.While Ndamukong Suh used to be the big-money guy at his position, and Aaron Donald is now, the Eagles had to pony up for their version as well.聽They had to give him a six-year, $103 million contract to keep him around. It’s not Donald money, and he’s not always a Donald type of player. This week, he was.Cox was hammering the Rams’ interior all night https://www.ramsfanstore.com/Brian-Allen-Jersey , disrupting things up the middle in a way that others get more credit for.5. The Eagles secondary is suddenly, stick with me here, kind of good. Or at least no longer the reason they can’t win a game.While the injuries that put safety Rodney McLeod and cornerbacks Ronald Darby and Jalen Mills on injured reserve, and had Sidney Jones (hamstring) inactive, they shouldn’t be playing with any degree of composure. And yet, they were.Corey Graham and Avonte Maddox had interceptions, and Cre'von LeBlanc was hitting people and making plays. They’re far from household names, but they’ve obviously done something to develop the confidence of their coaches, because Jim Schwartz was as aggressive as normal with his play-calling, at least until the fourth quarter.That’s a significant step from where that group has been. Back when the future of the Rams was in limbo, Stan Kroenke’s bid to purchase the Dodgers was huge deal. How would things look now if his bid had been successful?"WhiteSections 2019 offseason2019 free agency2019 NFL DraftFull ArchiveLibrary 2019 NFL calendar2019 Rams regular season sched2019 Rams preseason schedMasthead Community Guidelines NFL Odds StubHub 鉁昅utton ChopsWhat if Los Angeles Rams Owner Stan Kroenke had bought the Los Angeles Dodgers? New,3commentsBack when the future of the Rams was in limbo, Kroenke’s bid to purchase the Dodgers was huge deal. How would things look now if his bid had gone through?CDTShareTweetShareShareWhat if Los Angeles Rams Owner Stan Kroenke had bought the Los Angeles Dodgers? Kirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsBackgroundBack in 2012, then St Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke, was at the arbitration table (or at least Kevin Demoff and Stan’s reps were); submitting renovation proposals back and forth with the St Louis Convention and Visitors Commission. Fans in St Louis and Southern California alike watched the proceedings with various levels of stress Jacob McQuaide Color Rush Jersey , while reading tealeaves and bickered back and forth about where the Rams would ultimately end up playing. Simultaneously in early 2012, a bidding war for ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers was heating up. Several months earlier, Major League Baseball had finally been able to get the Dodgers’ despised owner Frank McCourt to put the team up for auction, following his filing for bankruptcy. By March, the bidding field had been widdled down to three solid candidates, and one of them was Stan Kroenke himself. At that time (and up until 2018) a cross ownership rule existed in the NFL that stated that an owner of a team could not own a major league sports franchise in another NFL city. While Los Angeles lacked an NFL team, Roger Goodell stated that the league still considered L.A. to be an NFL market. Many fans were left wondering if all this added up to Kroenke ultimately moving to Rams back west and consolidating the market. Ultimately the Guggenheim Group was willing to spend two billion dollars and gained ownership over the Dodgers, which rumor has it had Kroenke extremely heated. Based on what we know now, yes Stan Kroenke certainly had an interest in returning the Rams to Los Angeles. Eventually the Convention and Visitors Commission would reject the Rams’ costly stadium renovation plan, thus failing to live up to a lease promise to keep the Edward Jones Dome in the “Top Tier” of NFL stadiums, and the Rams were free to seek a remedy in another market. By 2014 Kroenke purchased 60 acres at Hollywood Park and the rest is history. But what if Kroenke had bought the Dodgers? Would that have affected the way things played out for the Rams? Would the Rams be playing at Chavez Ravine instead of Inglewood? Chances seem somewhere possibly and very likely. The Dodgers ownership group currently pays $14m to an entity that is half-owned by previous owner Frank McCourt to use the Dodger Stadium parking lot. However, there is writing that would enable for future development in the parking lots, with McCourt having no say-so in the development, but standing to share in the profits. Among the possible developments outlined is a sports complex, like a football stadium. While Stan Kroenke was never totally keen on the idea of sharing business with Phil Anschutz at AEG’s proposed Farmers Field Johnny Hekker Jersey , he was able to find enough common ground to create a partnership with Stockbridge Capital Group at Hollywood Park. The haggling and wars between Kroneke and McCourt would’ve been legendary, but likely would have ended up in a smaller version of what Kroenke is developing in Inglewood.It would have been a totally different look for Chavez Ravine, where Dodger Stadium is somehow nestled into a hilly nest only five minutes from downtown. Some would have likely opposed the development, but it does seem like only a matter of time until something breaks up the sea of parking spots that symmetrically extend out from Dodger Stadium. Also, the metro system would almost certainly have had to figure something out fast with a development of that scale arriving up the hill from downtown. What about the Dodgers? It’s hard to say that Kroenke would have likely faired any better than Guggenheim as far as fielding a winner. While Dodgers fans remain thirsty for their first championship since ’88, the team has averaged 92 wins since 2012, has made the postseason 6 years in a row, and represented the National League in the World Series that last two seasons. Kroenke has done a great job with the Rams since landing in L.A., and maybe he would’ve hit the ground running in MLB, but that’s impossible to speculate how things would have gone. So maybe things ultimately worked out for the best in L.A. Stan is in the process of creating a sports mecca in Inglewood that will attract a slew of major events to the area, the Dodgers continue to contend under Guggenheim, and Chavez Ravine remains an urban oasis and perfect place to enjoy a warm summer evenings. Still it’s interesting to imagine how differently things might have looked.

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